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OPH-IIII-A:table top automatic filling machine with 4heads


OPH-IIII-A Automatic Liquid Filling Machine With 4 Nozzles For Small Business


Technical Data:


Rated Voltage

220V, 50/60HZ

Max. Power


Machine size


N.W. / G.W.

HOT88热竞技 46KG / 57KG

Packing size

HOT88热竞技 120*38*58cm



Filling speed

HOT88热竞技 2*1.44L/min


HOT88热竞技 Stainless steel




1. Adopts world-famous frequency conversion controller and imported high-precision multi-circle potentiometer & lockable dial, which makes the flow stable and accurate with a tolerance of -0.5%~+1%

2. imported magnetic 316L stainless steel gear pump, with reliable quality and longevity

3. small size, easy to operate; convenient for cleaning and sterilizing

4. full automatic, can be used separately or in production line with other machine

5. can be equipped with flexible filling nozzles; normally equipped with single nozzle, double nozzles or four nozzles

6. can fill most types of liquids such as oil, beverage, perfume, water, ink, etc

7. large filling range from 10ml to 1000ml, can be conveniently regulated

8. complete stainless steel mold, which reveals elegant and natural

9. micro-computer control, digital display, clear and easy to use


Machine View:




1) can fill oil, juice, perfume, ink, water, etc for all containers such as bottles, jars, cans, etc


HOT88热竞技 2) Widely used in cosmetic, drinks, chemical, medical, food industry etc, which

can highly improve productivity and product quality.


Packaging including:


HOT88热竞技 a) main machine x 1pcs

b) silicon pipe x 4meters

HOT88热竞技 c) glass value x 8pcs

d) fuse x 3pcs

HOT88热竞技 e) one-off injector x 1pcs

f) user manual x 1pcs

g) quality card x 1pcs




HOT88热竞技 Lead time: within 5 days

HOT88热竞技 Warranty: one year for whole machine, life time technical support

packaging: wooden case and foam



Video and user manual for this OPH-IIII-A filling machine are ready to send, please do not hesitate to contact us!



Our main business/products:


1) aluminum foil induction sealing machine including manual sealing machine for small business/home business, tabletop continuous sealing machine medium factory, automatic sealing machine for production line. Our sealers are with high sealing quality which are widely used to seal PET bottles, PP bottles, PVC bottles, PE bottles, HDPE bottles, plastic bottles, glass bottles, etc in cosmetic, drinks, chemical, medical, food industry etc

sealing machines


2) liquid/paste filling machine such as gear pump liquid filling machine, pneumatic semi automatic paste filling machine, automatic filling machine. They are suitable to fill water, beverage, oil, ink, lotion, shampoo, sauce, jam, gel, cream, etc in the field of cosmetic, drinks, chemical, medical, food, etc

filling machines


HOT88热竞技 3) self adhesive labeling machine like semi automatic labeling machine and full automatic labeling machine which can label all round objects such as bottles, jars, cans, etc and all plane surfaces such as box, bottles, cards, etc. in cosmetic, drinks, chemical, medical, food industry etc

labeling machines.jpg


4) plastic lids capping machine including semi automatic capping machine and full automatic labeling machine which can highly improve the productivity and product quality in capping bottles, jars, atomizers etc in the area of cosmetic, drinks, chemical, medical, food etc.

capping machines


Why choose us:


Guangdong Oceanpacking Co., Ltd is a leading factory in packing machines industry. We produce various packing machines including filling machine, labeling machine, sealing machine, capping machine, conveyor and aluminum foil sealing material etc. Relying on professional technologies, satisfactory services, innovative concept and practical attitude, we specialize in producing and marketing of all kinds of packing machines, as well as management & cooperation. More about us and our products please do not hesitate to contact us.

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